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I’ve thought of sharing my personal experience with books, its influence and how i have become better just reading them 24/7. this is an all round improvement, the knowledge gain, the new experiences shared by some high fliers in life, the constant change in momentum and by that… i mean an increase in my drive in life, getting to know new words, increasing my personal English vocabulary… career improvement, relationship management, living, health, feeding, sexual relationships, all of which have found better explained and understood in good books from experienced coaches.

“Reading is a rare form of home schooling in Africa, especially Nigeria where the internet is at the forefront of every other thing”. It is sad to note, some have considered it a form of punishment, feels like too much work… the educational institutions have taken out the fun part of the reading experience and replaced it as a must do or die thing….

Reading is nourishing and should be imbibed by all, i know the internet has made it easier with information acquisition but owning personal hard copy books is as important as having an eBook in your phone.

These books will stay longer than your phone duration will allow the eBook to, for at a certain age in a man’s life, reading hard copy books is more relaxing than any other.

meanwhile, if you don’t have a personal library yet, i hope you do, we can grow the number of books together… let’s sow the seed now and be sure to reap the rewards later by passing down the reading culture to the younger generation.

Good morning and welcome to the first segment of “WHAT’S IN A BOOK?”. I’ll be your host.



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