“We all got broken at some point”

I heard words, lines of disgust fell out from his sore mouth and while his words fueled the fire, I burnt deep, I was stripped bare naked with words from someone who never really knew me… they call it opinion “a point of view” but I knew better and because some of us know very little about expressing pain, I drank, emptied the content, smiled and moved on… this is life after all and I lived it the best way I could.

“Grow instead Jem”


Friends, strangers and even loved ones can Dish out demoralizing words, out of ego, anger, insecurity, jealousy OR just for the fun of it. Whilst our self-worth was at the brink of death, strengthened by his grace, we shed the dead cells and GREW INSTEAD.

Jemimah is a name that can be likened to every one whose worth has been threatened.


This is a tale of rape, read inspiring poetry narrative from writers and poets in this book, …. Share, touch someone and if this is your story “YOU ARE NOT ALONE”.

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