Why this year`s celebration is so significant

I`ve spent several 25th December as an adult not being enthusiastic and excited about the Christmas Celebrations, this year came with new feelings of hope, joy and an immense sensation of the fulfilment of being blessed…

I was in bed and unwell in Mid-December, only became stronger and healthier two days before 25th, lying in bed gave me perspective to why CHRISTMAS is more than just the Birth of Christ, it is a beginning to greater manifestations of God`s glory…

This goes beyond THE SANTA FEELING, it is a magical moment, a time spent realizing God`s faithfulness hasn`t failed for a single moment since the year began…

My Christmas Miracle is HEALING, Sound mind, Financial stability, Blog Consistency, Loving Friends/ and Family, wonderful relationships, amazing experiences, peace, comfort and life

This day has presented itself to be more than a childhood fantasy, it is a beautiful thing to hear the sounds of Christmas lights, jubilations, to receive warm wishes, see smiling faces and filled mouths despite the trails of Death, Tears and Misfortunes of COVID-19 2020.

While you`re here… Remember The Birth of Christ and its significance to redemption, peace and growth

Know that you too can birth and recreate.

Remember His Birth is Your Victory, Your redemption and Break through


Love You



 Friend calls, she talks about an upcoming event, a friend is to be married soon…

“When is yours bae?”… She asked

“Hmmm… No idea”

“Na wa for you o! When will you leave this single life?”

“When you are ready too”

“You had better hurry, time waits for no one, I’ll leave you behind o!” … she emphasizes, laughing hysterically

This used to be how it is; kids playing round table, throwing tantrums and enjoying beautiful friendships.  Then you realize, the guy on the other end is growing fast… he gives you the look, you smile heartily, blushed pink and rolled with the thoughts “love is beautiful”… 

you’ll come to know the tightening in your stomach are called butterflies, a good feeling… your friends will tease and taunt and will congratulate you all the same… your mamma will go looking for roaches in the cupboard, you do the strange stuffs like smiling and recounting conversations from your sleep and she needs to know whose effect.

Years will come and move on… subsequently the music around you will change, “love is defined in several terms and stages”, and you’re to feel a certain way now but not the same tomorrow? These people are drunk with ideas that don’t quite fit. 

You look around the table and find some sits empty, last year that friend of yours dragged hers to the adult table, visits and tells stories of how amazing things are over there… 

“This is my baby, you see”

“Hubby is coming to pick me up soon”… she says and gives you the look

“You sef, do you see your mates hanging around this table?”… She asked nursing her cutie

You doubt you are alone, so you ignored her question and entered into a more interesting topic…. Underneath, you’re counting the years, the hour glass on your table seem to be running slow, you’ re not old “age is just a number”… the words came out on its on

That’s not true at all…. You better get up before your time runs out

 “Yea”… you replied and opened your ears for the usual

“See, keep your eyes open… when you see him, hold him by the collar and drag him to the couples table… some need a nudge or two”.

“Right” … You laughed

You’ve missed her greatly but more importantly… you’re taking in these single moments and living it like you know how to.

This table is fun; you’ve seen tensions over there and would rather live now, what you can’t get when you cross the bridge.

“I’ll see you soon in my own time”… you cussed and tickled her little one. You surely want to have your child smile and say “mama” as his first word but “Not Yet”.


November and Drowning Waters

Dear Journal,

its been twenty one days since I last published

November has been about drowning waters and dusty feelings

Battling with off the shelf feelings of Hurt I shouldn`t feel in the first place is epileptic to my growth process… Work is harder than I thought… Not having the space to BECOME is strenuous.

For some reason BEING TIRED has become a culture… simply tired of trying, crying, working, smiling… I have prayed more times in November than I have these past months in 2020, No… life didn`t get HARDER, my will to keep trying did.

I know nothing good come easy but admitting that it isn’t weary is a kind of DEATH in itself… one need to admit these things, its a Humane feeling too.

I am Drowning

This Drowning Feels like a lie choking on a mans innocence, I'm that fish gasping for air on a dry deserted land

Can I just Breath

Can I just rant about sweet nothings and be committed to knowing that this too is growth… accepting that there is strength in wailing… it is bravery to CRY










1967, I witnessed first hand what a slaughter house looked like… I was Five, the second son of the Nwankwo`s Family, My Father and my elder brother where called in to join the Biafra/Nigeria Civil war and so we ran all the way from Enugu-ukwu to Nise to take shelter with my Mother’s brother.

News came back of the massacre and so when my father and brother didn’t return home, we mourned their death in the absence of their bodies and moved on. My mother eventually moved back to the home where she once made life with her husband, living me to be catered by her only surviving sibling… The war took more than it bargained for, it stole the very essence of life from a woman in her early twenties.

1983, My journey through Manhood was met by Communal, Ethnic and Religious Crisis… This Man, your Father lived through blood splatters living in the north, burnt houses, cars and shops in Benue state when the Fulani Herdsmen clash was high and has seen the results of Bad governance in all levels of the government.

In 1993, When Democracy came in, our generation was overwhelmed with joy, the Nation rejoiced at the sight of freedom but that too was short lived when MKO Abiola died… The Monsters wasn`t the Military or the Colonist… it was US

We were our own Enemies, No respecter of life… We lived watching Death toll rise, watching our people die for someone else’s greed.

Nigeria Bleeds

2020 is only a repeat of all we’ve seen… the Tiv/Farmers Massacre, The Bokoharam Victims, Jos Christian Violence’s, Zakibiam Massacre and many more.

My Child pass this on, keep History alive

Never you forget, the blood of the innocent, the cries of your comrades and friends, the protestors who got murdered asking for a right to live.


Love… Your Father



When you see a Nigerian

Remember, he / she is a thriving human

One who has been made to carry on with the curse of a divided Cause

And like you

Their will to win is a zeal to Live

When you see a Nigerian… Look beyond the Label

We are not the Names We`ve been called so many at times

We are not all Drug Dealers, Fraudsters, Robbers as the bad few has presented

To know A Nigerian?

Is to look towards

A youth running with very little amenities, a truck load of productivity

The ones Who Suffer and Smile like the world is a comic flow

Strong willed, smart and graced breeds

Birthed from the linage of Slaves drowned in strength….

To know a Nigerian is To know a Generation of Thinking Minds


When the time is right, you too will conquer

Marriet Ify

Nigeria is brewing in recent times… for the first time in a long time, we are in the news for the right reasons. This gives me Hope, the believe that whatever happens, we will come out stronger.

Two remarkable events to reckon with includes;

  1. the END SARS/POLICE BRUTALITY Movement organized by youths across the country. No! this isn`t the first movement pushing for a better governance… What did this do?, it broke the culture of silence amongst her people

We are no longer praying in the privacy of our rooms

We are no longer in sync with the silence of our Parents

We Made it to a time of reckoning, a time when our VOICE MATTERS

2. The $200 million Sale of Paystack company founded by two Nigerians, Shola Akinlade and Ezra Olubi. A light in the midst of Chaos

Poetry about Nigeria / Nigerians


10 lessons in 2020

  1. To Live Courageously and in the moment, away from regrets and the fear of the unknown. I just stopped wondering and lived, the clarity of purpose 2020 brought can not be underestimated.
  2. TO STEP AWAY; “yes, I walked away from everything I thought was meant to be” walking away from every situation-ships I had going on gave me the realization that the quality of people around is better than the number.
  3. SELF CARE ; 2020 opened my eyes to the benefits of selflove and care, it is actually the best gift, having to look out, support and effortlessly love myself beyond anything else is important… Selfcare is selflessness in its self as well
  4. PATIENCE; this one isn’t new to me, but it came with a better dimension in 2020, I now know the real meaning of patience and have created a balance around it. Patience isn’t Procrastination or an excuse, it is Believe in itself for what you know will eventually come to pass.
  5. TO SPEAK UP; Being an introvert keeps you in a corner most times, not knowing when to step out and speak up, is a weakness in itself. In 2020 I did more, by speaking my truth without restraint … Standing your grounds finds you in places you actually deserve. Speaking up, opened me up to a lot of opportunities and friendships. my work relationships definitely got better in 2020
  6. TO RETURN CALLS ; This may seem unimportant but goes a long way for me …. I learnt calling callers back as soon as I can, to improve my personality trait and support system … it has made me a better communicator as well.
  7. VALUE; Before now, I will make a list of VIPs without being inclusive, I never felt important for whatever reason, 2020 taught me value… being Valuable goes beyond the opinions of naysays… You contribute as well as every other person to the cycle of life.. you are valuable, your skills are important, you know more than you give yourself credit for… you are a VIP.
  8. TO LEARN STRATEGICALLY; it is true that no learning is a waste but I have come to understand that strategic learning pushes you farther than your peers, it gives you expertise sooner than someone who is scraping the surfaces of everything… in 2020 I defined my learning curve and stock to it.
  9. HUMILITY; As part of my experience meeting with highflyers, was to master the very act of humility to be able to learn the ropes properly … waking up to knowing that humility is a more easier way to win at life than arrogance is a blessing
  10. TO LOVE AND BE LOVED; Love shouldn’t be a one way street, in 2020 I have come to understand the concept of LOVE as a give and take of emotions and sacrifices… Love for me is important and if it isn’t sincere, honest and returned then it isn’t worth it. I want to write more on the concept of love but I guess this will be a topic on its own.
2020 life lessons
life lessons

I hope to learn a lot before the year runs out, expect more lessons from my 2020 desk.

Thank you



I learnt how to be strong in a world like ours, how to ignore and never be disappointed. I’ve been told things, done things and so I became.

I realize I’ve been scared for far too long, too scared to show, to speak, to express thoughts in words… in fear I had accepted the world knew what was better for me than I did myself, I gave too much credit to its standard, lost my voice to its noise and identity to the crowd.

These few months of Silence, the periods of self criticism, doubt of my own art, Body and soul HAS BEEN THE MOST TORTUROUS.

Hi there, the world isn’t perfect, you shouldn’t be drowned in the seas of your imperfections, you can only try to be as much as God wants from you, as much as you want to be for yourself.

Remember the parts of you, no one talks about.
Remember the parts of you, no one talks about

Be a better human, Go beyond the limits you’ve made for your self, You are Great, kind and an achiever… Knowing this gives you fulfillment, it creates the drive to do better for yourself.

You can be all.


”The thing about first times”

First times are scary, crazy and unbelievably intense…. it is trial in error, testing the waters, the very idea of moving away from your comfort zone, away from what your body knows and have lived with.

Haven written posts over the years, Contents carefully drafted for when my blog is upgraded and officially launched, I decided to make hay while the sun shines, to get into my prom dress, wear some makeup and post regardless of what the day presents itself….

Have I waited for too long? … yes

Is this a right time? No, there is no right time… there is just here and now

The truth is… I think more of the danger of not getting into my prom party than wearing a made up dress, to look back to this day and have regrets of not enjoying the ride as a writer… what greater mistake than the regret of not living fully. My general experiences as an individual has improved, I very much want to tell you about what this blog will be bringing to your table but I will rather write, tell my story, teach, design and inspire…..

This blog will embody my journey as its own, bring to life my dreams and aspirations, calm my fears, give courage to my pen, sound to my voice and light for when darkness sprout on my path

Here is…

To first times, to taking the much needed steps, to writing, publishing, blogging and inspiring

Stick with me, Let this beginning lead us to other beautiful beginnings.

My name is Marriet Ify and i’m glad to have you here

In the Lens Of Time

Images are subtle messages about people leaving in grey areas… When your camera decide to tell a story, let its focus travel across the lines in a persons face, let its light move across the pupil in his eyes, wake up a childs curiosity, quench a brides anxiety and marry a smile into a tired trader`s face.

When you look back to this day… Smile, laugh, Scream if you want to… Remember we had moments when the earth came to a stop, moments when we could not catch our breaths, moments caught in the lens of time.


If Death was a living being, Would you Cling to his arms and befriend him Or would you take on your armor ready for a fist to strike

Would you invite him to a feast to make merry OR would you get ready jars of oil to burn his very essence, a little payback for having you hurt a little more everyday.

''Dying doesn`t hurt''... they say, yet it takes everything to accept the blind spots made when darkness encroaches. it takes even life itself to understand the emptiness most times.

If Death was a person, will he bear the names of everyone he took away. How about the Scars, surely he will bear some too…If this call is a break from life then we shouldn’t have broken, depressed and Hurt people trying to make sense of situations where a love one disappears forever.

Now tell me, Why is Death so final? … The truth is Dying Hurts… Death is pain and this pain is undeserving.

In memory of Alice, Lillian, Emmanuel, Pa Mmaduichie, Mr. Nwabueze, Chadwick Boseman and all who answered the call to the world beyond.