Was scrolling through my Instagram feed and saw a post commending independence.
It’s a hard tell, if your independence comes from a place of rejection. It’s a better tell if it’s all from your mindset.

This is you, starting up as a child never looking over for support. 

Call it Grace,

Call it Intelligence

Call it Strength 

Call it Survival

Whatever you choose to call it. I commend you. You’re doing great.

This was meant to be a rejection tale, a word for all the No’s you’ve been rewarded with. This was meant to be about all the times you didn`t think things were worth it.

Fine, you didn’t get the urgent 2k when the going was tough. Of cos, your friends shrugged you off when you needed the support…. That aunty who neglected your cry for help?

I get it,

We are used to tough. You’re not in the WhatsApp group of the privileged few, take your birthright and move on. You`re not alone on this train.

The Goodnews is; You’ve been called to be more.

This me … Countless No’s with a YES worth a thousand more 
2021 and getting a YES to online scholarships, saw me through learning processes that created a new shift in my career status quo. It’s funny how at that time my email notifications came in week after week with congratulatory messages. If I was told a day will come, when I will be able to get things done without being financially capable, I would have said impossible

January 2020
I remember missing out on an opportunity cos I didn’t have the finances to cater for my traveling expenses… The “No’s” couldn’t support and it was really Okay, COVID made me understand the true meaning in TIMING. I look back to that moment and smile cos, in reality, God`s ways are not mine. his plans and thoughts are way superior.

I got a YES … And I’m most grateful

Today, I celebrate all the “YES” that came from God, Strangers, Friends, My sacrifices, Hardwork, Patience, and Consistency.

Rejection should teach you, not make you bitter…
It should open you up to looking at other alternatives to the problem you now encounter. It should open your eyes to your day one, the community of people whose goals align with yours and whose support will never run dry.


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