Growing up I was taught in school about the different types of leadership and for some reasons I never got to experience the Autocratic rule till sometime in 2019 when the Buhari`s regime began it show of power.

I lived most of my years in a small town called Makurdi at a time when I couldn`t afford the use of social media, my only encounter with a bad government was visible in insecurity (the TIV/Fulani crisis) Fuel scarcity, bad roads, low wages for workers, an extreme lack in good medical and educational facilities and some others. The government at that time ruled with corruption, the need to manipulate the masses and not by autocratic, the desire to be a god amongst men with so much impunity.

Life was reasonably affordable, you could live on little… This is not to say that our lifestyle value doesn`t come with a cost as its a lot higher in general than it was ten years ago. The Buharis regime is my first experience of a government as an adult after the Johnathan regime and my first encounter with an Autocratic ruler in a democratic country like ours.

The Johnathan regime was fully democratic, voting was easy and well talked about… This is not the same for our present government as we recorded deaths and very little turn over in the last election.

This government is characterized by its Ego. at all levels, you could see men in power who will rather silence critics than take corrections or move agendas for a better Nigeria.


Who tampered with our president`s ego?

Who canceled his threat and deleted his speech?

Who woke sleeping beauty up?

We took a dare and touched the tail of a lion?


We will Continue to speak up, raise our voices for we own a movement of young people who are now very involved with what is happening with its government. A movement of intellects, human activist, social change makers. leaders, public speakers and community gate keepers



Keep it on is more than just a trend. To my Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn community “Soro-soke”

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