A school about the content not results

A school with better opportunities of learning

A school that accommodates all areas of life

A social school

Lana calls “result is out again”… she says, just when I was about saying… Okay, the line ends. I call back and ask, what’s the matter? Her voice was silent for a while, she goes off crying. It wasn’t what she expected; it’s not even close to the hard work… I listened and said what she needed to hear… it’ll get better, when clearly I knew the system is not at all what it is.

In this part of the world, you don’t get what you want; hard work is a bit overrated. Have had days like any other student and it’s not at all easy, “the reality is do your best and leave the rest”

I feel like a failure “who told you, you are failure”,

Who wouldn’t?

In my head, I know… the lecturers who come in to remind you of how lazy Nigerian youths are, the students who come into the lecture hall on time to reserve spaces, “bags own sits too”.

You see, have had my share, you don’t take breaks off school without someone thinking “she has become complacent”, deny you of their lecture notes on return. It’s a struggle, survival of the fittest. “we have those who clearly have nothing but school to worry about”, they tease and curse “No one wants to be seen with someone as unserious as you” … they’ll judge your choice of friends like they love right.

At that moment you tell your friend, I’ll see you soon… you open your note and you write

Dear Nigerian university…

Do you know how depressed your students are?, like there are walking corpses all around, sad faces trying to get through, to get the ticket to the hall of unemployment waiting for them outside… these teens don’t get what they deserve and the lessons in class are not enough, not working actually… on what right do you judge who is better? And why do you have that Failure label hanging around, waiting for your next victim… who told you everyone should aspire to be an Einstein, how about Oprah, Mother Teresa or Kendrick Lamar?, why call them Hopeless, when all you’ve done is taken the little they had… I know there are some really lazy students moving around and sometimes I think … yea “the environment is made up of the good and bad” but no, you’re growing timid adults, people that can’t stand up for themselves for a simple reason that they don’t want to be slammed with an extra year… “still wondering why the youths care-less about the country’s fall?”, You’ve denied them the chance to explore and be productive in their own way, you teach us stuffs written by others from long ago, our knowledge is termed wrong.

“The system has failed, not students”.

These students give in their best in an environment that is unfit for learning, some choke and fall ill due to an overcrowded lecture venue. Don’t get me started with the strikes and unending delays, it’s obviously a long list of beef and I don’t intend to spend time frying.


To the ones whose education is determined by a failed system

Let your future be defined by you, by the content of the purpose you carry, not the result.

You are not a failure.

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