This is the tale we get told, the stories that shapes us… I recently spoke to a friend about just living life and getting seen, Like no worries, no nothing. We spoke for the best part of the night, unsure of where this road will lead us to?

In this Journey we have academic pursuit and career attainment as an end point for some, for others wealth, marriage, children and fulfilment. A never ending journey as we are constantly looking forward to the next step, the next big break.

Sometime in 2018 I had a swift rush of Depression, was mentally down for a couple of weeks… This happened at a time when I was about making a major decision in My life, it was a turning point of some sort. A time when I had to put my foot down and make a move…

It was then I realized that Mental illness doesn`t necessarily require you to be roaming the streets stark naked, raving mad –  It is anxiety, lack of self-confidence/self-love, timidity, guilt, abandonment of goals, self-isolation etc. with Depression sitting tall as a major mental disease.

Going through that and out, is today a blessing. I am thankful Suicide wasn’t an option. Thankful I stood by myself and picked her up as quickly as she fell. Thankful for God, good friends and growth.

I have been on this road for a long time now, running a race I don’t quite get … like ‘getting it is the tiniest bit, keeping it together is everything and all.

Where this Road leads me

I hope it considers every bit of pain I’ve seen, the hustle and tussle, the lonely caps and empty sits… The betrayals, the love, goals and aspirations

I hope it looks back as it looks forward to understand the very being I’ve become

I hope it counts my days as it would a bag of rejected pearls, choosing to hold me close without doubting the phenomenon I can grow into.

Where this road leads me … When this road leads me

I pray it leads me home.

marriet ify


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