What does it actually mean to live life in numbers?

Some years back, I attended a mentorship program for entrepreneurs… I was a young inspiring business Lady and needed guidance to building my business back in college ( in our case, university). I had two businesses going with very little return on interest and needed to add up a third to make up.

Who does that right?

Well, I did

After my training in the third business idea, i bought baking equipment, made cup cakes for a start and supplied within the local community where i live. My business venture did not cross borders into school as I had a lot of worries as regards my educational pursuit and didn’t want baking to drop my grades.

What two businesses was I into, you may ask?

I started businesses that didn’t go over two years because my financial needs met me managing/striving and did not like the idea cos How long can it wait… I got into a 9 – 5 (in my case 7 – 5) for a lot of reasons.

Entrepreneurship taught me a whole lot, the lessons from my experiences will come to make me a better investor and business personnel… I know one thing for sure, owning your time doesn’t stop the stress and hustle, it doesn’t provide security either as businesses fail but it gives you better chances at excelling in your pursuit as an individual

Back to why I started this …

I had beading skills, made and sold bead jewelries to students, mostly when we had a campus cultural event. My sale at that time was around N200 for beaded earrings to N8,000 for necklaces and other on-demand accessories. When I got into my service year, I offered my knowledge and trained some friends in this. of cos I got paid but this wasn`t enough and so This Business sailed for a year and some months and didn’t go any further for a while then. I was also a slippers trader.

A 9 -5 is otherwise called White collar Job. This is someone else's idea in motion, it is a goal you‘re putting efforts to achieve in exchange for your income, the earnings you seek. Doers all over know only how to do one thing ”BUILD”. Ownership gives them satisfaction, more than that is the zeal to keep their innovative mindset rolling.

A downloadable PDF inspired guide


The bible talks about being Servants to become Masters, it talked about learning to invest your little coins for a great reward. In helping others build, you learn to understand how to do it better in the next round.

Where I come from, the Igbo`s believe in stewardship, we call it (boy-boy), unlike the 9 – 5, these ones are more specific in their journey and spend two years or more gaining skills in a bid to get their desired goal.

This is where I’m getting to…

The numbers are what you make of it… How long do you want to keep doing what you’re doing now?

If you hate it, leave it. If it pays the bills, hold on a little longer

Decide only what’s best for you with no sentiments attached

This post is an open cheque… I don’t make the rules


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