POETRY (of love and Vales)


Because it s Valentine

I think of love as I do of you

Memories of vale in time

I see red roses and chocolates

Red dresses not mine

Footprints of lovers standing in flame of you

On the sea shore

I perceive scents of your cologne

The sound of your  voice

The firmness of your hold around my waist

The softness of your lips and its rough edges

The sensation of your skin on mine

I think of our walk by the pool

The blue rays of the moon lightening your eyes

The warmth of your arms in cold nights

The tingling sensation in my stomach

And the yearning of my soul

Because its valentine

I think of love as I do of you

The sour taste of after mornings

The strange feeling of bitterness

The dark clouds and my blood shot eyes

The intoxication of a painful reality

The whittled betrayal of your breath

The emptiness of my soul

All the shadows from the past

The remembrance of your death

Because its valentine

I see sorrow as I see its night

The longing for a rope

A gift I made for you

A reminder of the distance between us

The thoughts of letting a ghost in

And the satisfaction of leaving a world empty of you


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