In my previous post, I wrote about finding yourself and creating a vision board. You can click the link below to follow up.

  • creating a vision board

Today`s post is an overview on how you can achieve this. A sample copy of a vision board created on CANVA can be seen in the last slide above… Here are the three great ways of creating a vision board

  1. Physical Copy; This is by the use of a card board/drawing board… here, dream pictures are printed and pasted according to how you want it to look like. this can go up on a wall in your room, preferably close to the door. YES, the door is the best place where your vison board is most visible.
  2. Video Version; This is not very common, but it is a valid way of putting words and pictures into short clips, for a better focus, you can include an inspirational quote, motivational spoken words / Music can be playing in the background. You can decide a good moment to watch and listen as a reminder for your set target… its not enough to make a video, the real essence is finding time to listen… First thing in the morning and before you go to bed are both great times of the day for self reflection.
  3. Digital Vision Board; This is basically a collage of pictures, words and call to action made in a picture or pdf format… I find it handy because having it in my smartphone as a wall paper helps. Now this can be created with ease using phone Apps available to you. A good example is the CANVA app. Others include VISUAL APP, IWISH,PICMONKEY E.T.C


  1. Have goals and prioritize… Without goals, there will be nothing to work on.
  2. Create a basic structure for your vision board. ( the What, Why, How and When)
  3. Write goals and ideas on a paper or digital sticky note
  4. Find images and words/captions that best suits these goals of yours
  5. Sort and arrange the images and words according to its relative importance
  6. Create your Vision board
  7. Remember that editing and updating your vision board is a strong growth strategy.

Creating a Vision board keeps you grounded in achieving your target goals.

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