Hey Marriet! do you realize tomorrow is still January?

Have you made your bucket list? Your goals and aspirations… These where the questions thrown at me… My friend deserves a mention here (Thank you Onome for putting me on my toes).

2021 is suppose to be the year when I do all of the things I spoke about in 2020… I made plans in 2020 with 2021 as my target year, a deadline of some sort.


I have been so uninspired and empty… I took my journal several days ago to make daily/weekly and monthly goals but nothing seem to be popping up…

Have I suddenly lost the will to thrive, to push, to keep moving… Have I suddenly lost the zeal of an achiever, is it not too early a year to not know which way to lead… Yeah, this is what we struggle with, if you feel the same then this post is for you


Its okay to begin at the middle of the road, even when it takes a lot of time to figure things out, the trick is in knowing… your being aware keeps you in the know that you`re standing still instead of moving… it tells you, you need to refuel, recharge, reinstall and get up.

This January, Create a Vision Board, a visual representation of your goals. You dont need a full bucket list, just enough of what the end of 2021 should look like. Monthly goals met with target deadlines give better results... Do not stand still for too long, find yourself cos time waits not…

YOU CAN DO THIS, You can be the best, you can begin and be successful… MAke failure, Rejection and downtimes your push.

Remember, Tomorrow is still January

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