Learning to Pray for Yourself

In Africa we believe in several schools of thoughts…

Our very own culture Is deeply rooted in these sayings…. A part of our belief talks about Man and the hidden powers in his tongue. We believe that each person can bestow upon himself gifts by asking/proclaiming them …

Science says the universe responds to your thoughts, the law of attraction is dependent on you…what it really means is that our thoughts attract our results

BE INTENTIONAL… Pray for yourself

There is no selfishness in making you a priority in your prayer life, remember you are all you`ve got… here is my little note for you


Today I am learning to pray for me
To speak to God of Me
I am using my tongue, words and thoughts to proclaim and plan better things for me.

I will raise my voice in prayers and Thanksgiving to bless this person… To lift this person and to guard this person in the presence of my God


It is your sole duty to make your life better…

It doesn’t matter what you`ve been called, your trials and tribulations are things of the past… Affirm better

Pray for you….
Speak positive things about and for you

Make 2021, a year of creating better things for you.

You are all you’ve got.

To a prosperous 2021

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